Dead Island Game Becomes A Movie

That was fast. Two days after the trailer for the upcoming video game “Dead Island” went viral and caused an internet sensation (at least two million Youtube views and counting), The Wrap reveals that “The Mummy” producer Sean Daniel (“Dazed and Confused,” “The Wolf Man”) is part of a group that acquired film rights to the as-yet-unreleased video game over a year ago.

The game’s story follows a family that has the bad fortune to vacation in an island paradise during a contagious zombie outbreak. The family is cut off from the rest of the world and has to protect the other survivors and escape.

Daniel and Union Entertainment are currently working on trying to find the right script. The big question is if what works beautifully over three well-edited minutes could lose its impact if drawn out to feature length (a similar question is currently being asked about the game itself). Also, who in the world could possibly top this trailer, even in live-action form, as it’s a marketing person’s wet dream.