Dead “Gotham” Characters Could All Return

FOX’s “Gotham” has seen numerous characters meet their apparent demise, especially in this second season so far which has been a bit of a bloodbath. Now, the show’s leading man Ben McKenzie says that despite all this death almost no character is off the table and could well make a return at some point.

Speaking at a panel at the recent Wizard World convention in New Orleans, McKenzie was asked about the return of Cameron Monaghan’s proto-Joker character Jerome. He responded (via CinemaBlend:

“Not only can we [bring characters back] but we might. I can’t definitively say yes. I’ll put it this way: almost nobody that you’ve seen go away is dead. They are all able to come back.”

This most likely refers to the mysterious Indian Hill facility run by the still unseen Dr. Hugo Strange and through which several villains have gone through as part of Strange’s experimentation efforts. The series will return from its winter hiatus on February 29th.