Dead “Babysitter” Resuscitated For Remake

With “The Karate Kid” scoring not just surprisingly good reviews but a stellar box-office opening over the weekend, the next gold mine of 80’s and 90’s remakes would seem to be the family comedy genre.

Now, Pajiba reports that a remake of the Christina Applegate-led 1991 comedy “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead” is in the works at the Mark Gordon Company. The project is apparently out to writers at this stage.

The original followed five kids who’re left alone for the summer with an elderly babysitter who dies on the first night. The eldest sister soon lies her way into an executive position with a fashion designer in order to get money to survive. Though not a classic by any means, the film has enough of a fanbase that you knew one day this would come.

It also begs the question as to what late 80’s/early 90’s family films will be next? Will it be higher profile titles like “The Goonies” or lesser known but still familiar works like “The Boy Who Could Fly,” “My Girl” or “Troop Beverly Hills”. How far are we away from “Toy Soldiers” with Nick Jonas in Sean Astin’s role and Jon Leguizamo as the terrorist holding the school hostage?