De Palma’s Thriller “Toyer” Resurfaces

Back in 2004 came reports that “Scarface” filmmaker Brian De Palma would next direct an adaptation of Gardner McKay’s novel and stage play “Toyer”.

The story follows the hunt for ‘The Toyer’, a ‘serial lunatic’ who doesn’t rape or kill but rather psychologically tortures his beautiful female victims and then puts them into medically induced comas.

As no capital crime is committed (the strongest charge they can use is ‘mayhem’) and with hundreds of uncleared murder cases on the books, the case is made low priority. Soon a female neurologist who treats Toyer’s victims and a newspaper editor team up in an attempt to draw him out.

Of course the project never happened, but six years on producers Tarak Ben Ammar (“La Traviata”) and Scott Steindorff (“The Human Stain”) have teamed and resurrected the project which De Palma is onboard once again to direct according to Vulture

McKay’s work is set in Los Angeles, but the plan is to shift the location to Venice, Italy during the famous Carnevale di Venezia when elaborate masks disguising one’s identity are traditionally worn on the street for a near two week period.

Shooting kicks off on location in Venice in the late Fall/early winter though won’t happen during the actual Carnival.