De Palma Explains Weinstein-Inspired Film

De Palma Explains Weinstein Inspired Film

A while back came word that filmmaker and provocateur Brian De Palma was working on a project that would be inspired by the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Over the weekend, the director spoke about it some more whilst attending the Venice Film Festival.

Producer Saïd Ben Saïd (“Elle,” “Passion”) revealed last Summer that De Palma had been working on the script which was going by the name “Predator” and he would produce with Michel Merkt. De Palma now offers a better explanation of its content to Deadline:

“Because of my years working in and out of Hollywood, you were very aware of the kind of abuse to women that was going on. And being a director who directs women all the time you are very sensitive to how they are treated in the movie that you are making.

So I was aware of some of the things that were happening during the Harvey Weinstein era and it is an interesting story to tell, plus, I like the suspense drama and I created a script that is sort of based on some of the real cases reported in the New York Times. But it is basically a suspense film using that as the historical backdrop.”

He was also asked whether the #MeToo movement needed to happen to bring about the necessary change in the business to which he said:

“It annoyed directors like myself and others of my contemporaries because as directors you deal with actors all the time. And you must engender their trust. And if you… take them out to dinner or abuse them, it goes against what you are trying to do to gain their trust in order for them to be as free when they perform in their movies. It is basically crazy and people who do it, I always have felt are misusing their power.”

De Palma last directed this year’s crime-thriller “Domino” starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Carice Van Houten. He’s also been linked to the Wagner Moura-led “Sweet Vengeance”.