De Niro Talks “Bull” & “Run” Sequels

The Tribeca Film Festival has been in full swing over the weekend and one of its co-founders, actor Robert De Niro, was on hand to answer a few questions (via Collider).

One came up about the sequels to “Raging Bull” and “Midnight Run” that are both in the works. The former he has no involvement with, the latter though he’s set to reprise his role.

In regards to ‘Bull’, De Niro says “If somebody comes up with a great, great script, I’d read it and say, ‘Yeah, it’s great, I’ll think about it, consider it, sure.” At present William Forsythe is set to star as a much older version of the Jake La Motta character.

In terms of ‘Run’, the actor explained a bit of the storyline – “well, he’s helping the son of Charles Grodin [and] he’s gotten himself in trouble, and so that’s where we are and the script is being re-worked again. But I hope to do it. It was a lot of fun to do.”