De Luca To Produce “Battlestar Galactica” Film

Former New Line chief and Oscar-nominated producer Michael De Luca has signed on to produce a film adaptation of Glen A. Larson’s beloved series “Battlestar Galactica” for Universal Pictures.

The story follows a group of humans who survived a surprise attack by intelligent robots known as Cylons, which decimated the human civilizations of the twelve planets. The survivors were led by the warship Galactica to find a mythic thirteenth planet named Earth.

The project has been in development since 1999, years before Ron Moore’s much acclaimed 2003 TV series reboot on Syfy. When that series happened the project was iced, but with time having now passed and space opera back in vogue thanks to the success of “Guardians of the Galaxy,” “Star Trek” and “Star Wars,” it comes as little surprise Universal wants in on some of that action.

The feature version is expected to be wholly separate from the dark and gritty television reboot and will instead draw more from the original 1978 series. Bryan Singer remains on board as an executive producer and, though attached to direct for nearly a decade, but has not been confirmed to helm the project.

“Transcendence” scribe Jack Paglen penned the most recent draft of the script. De Luca is also currently developing a film adaptation of the “Metro 2033” video game franchise.

Source: The Tracking Board