De Line Talks “Lantern” & “Job” Sequel

Producer Donald De Line tells Coming Soon that despite reports that Warner Bros. is keen to go dark with its superhero films, expect the upcoming “Green Lantern” film to be more “Iron Man” than “Dark Knight”.

“It’s going to be a series of big stakes and big action, but it absolutely has a sense of humor. I think people accept real life, even with really serious situations, with humor as part of that situation, as we experience in life, you have to have that. That’s how people cope, so they’ve done it so well in these other movies. I think that people are absolutely ready. It doesn’t have to fall on one side of the fence vs. the other” says De Line.

De Line confirms that the storyline will be the Hal Jordan origin story, and they won’t be ‘casting younger’ than originally planned – “not really, late ’20s, early ’30s.” “Green Lantern” has been set for a December 17th 2010 release.

As for the proposed “The Italian Job” sequel “The Brazilian Job” which De Line is attached to, he says “We have a version at Paramount that we’re talking very serious about, so hopefully, if we’re lucky in the next year we can pull it together. They [the cast] want to come back and do another, which is nice. We’ll get them together hopefully.”