DC’s Legends of Tomorrow To Screw Up History

Though the first season of The CW’s “The Flash” played with time travel elements, the upcoming spin-off series “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” will put that front and center for its story of a collection of various side characters from both “The Flash” and “Arrow” coming together under the guidance of time traveller Rip Hunter.

Talking to EW, show runner Phil Klemmer says this group aren’t exactly the most delicate of time travelers, so expect variations of the ‘butterfly effect’ to occur:

“They’re screwups. Instead of tiptoeing through history, they’re plodding through it, leaving their footprints and fingerprints and constantly having to wonder whether they’re going to screw the future up rather than fix it… It’s going to be total madness.”

The team take on Vandal Savage for the main season-long arc, but that won’t stop them from doing some side missions to fix their own potential problems:

“Who can resist the urge to correct the past or to investigate the future? The idea of traveling through time has a caper quality to it, and that’s what we’re looking forward to. Yes, there will be the big ‘try to stop Vandal Savage’ [plot], but people will inevitably become diverted on their little side missions and when people are trying to fix their own timeline, that’s when you really start screwing things up.”

There’s also a new piece of concept art from the show which shows off Firestorm who finally gets a costume.