DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Going All Out

The upcoming “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” spin-off series is going for broke according to showrunner Phil Klemmer. Talking with Collider he says sixteen episodes for this third leg in the “Arrow” and “The Flash” universe have been commissioned and they are proceeding as if this is a one-off:

“We’re not looking beyond these sixteen episodes, and by the time we’re done with these sixteen episodes we’re going to leave these characters in a place where we couldn’t repeat season one if we wanted to…

This is much more like an anthology show where we’re like sprinting for a finish line and we don’t know where it’s going to end, but we’re pretty sure that it’s going to leave us in place that we can’t just start the race over next year. That’s really exciting because characters can die, they can get left behind, they can turn to the dark side, they can switch the other way.

We’re really doing this in a way in that we’re trying to make the best sixteen episodes that we can, as if there’s no tomorrow, no season two. It’s hugely liberating.”

He adds that the tone is “irreverent, punk rock, anarchy… it’s gritty and funny” he says, adding that the major stakes make it dark but there’s a lot of gallows humor because of that. On top of that you have the coming together of very different people who don’t necessarily work well together.

He also says one key rule here, despite the time travel factor, is that “death means death” and that these people can’t interfere in events they’ve already participated in. The series will NOT be dealing with the multiverse/parallel Earths elements like “The Flash” will this season – with ‘Legends’ it will only be straight up time travel.

Meanwhile a clip from this week’s “The Flash” has gone online in which Victor Garber’s Dr. Stein explains the rules of the multiverse to the regular cast members.