DC’s “Hitman” Possibly Coming To TV?

A TV series adaptation of Garth Ennis and John McCrea’s cult 1993 comic “Hitman” is potentially in the works.

DC Chief Geoff Johns revealed at a panel (via CBR) over the weekend: “We are talking about hitman” when asked about further potential DC properties under consideration for the small screen.

The 61-issue story follows Tommy Monaghan, a superpowered contract killer operating in the Irish district of Gotham City known as ‘The Cauldron’. The series is set within DC continuity but offers a dark and strange take on it.

Of course, a potential series is a LONG way from an actual series, and there’s no word on a possible home for the property – the most likely though would be the upcoming DC direct-to-streaming service in the works which launches with the currently in production “Titans” which will launch sometime later this year.