DC Universe Unveils Its Series Schedule

Dc Universe Unveils Its Series Schedule

The other day, Warner Bros. Television hosted a panel at New York Comic Con for its new DC Universe streaming service, showing off the world premiere of “Titans” along with announcing that show’s renewal and confirming Matt Bomer’s casting in “Doom Patrol”.

Today, some photos from the panel have been released including a shot showcasing the proposed release schedule of the new streaming service’s various greenlit shows. As previously indicated, the live-action series will be released consecutively with each new show premiering in the same Friday night timeslot once a previous show wraps. The schedule is as follows:

Oct-Dec 18: “Titans”
Jan-Feb 19: “Young Justice: Outsiders Pt. 1”
Feb-May 19: “Doom Patrol”
Jun-Aug 19: “Swamp Thing”
Jun-Jul 19: “Young Justice: Outsiders Pt. 2” (concurrent with “Swamp Thing”)
Aug-Nov 19: “Stargirl”
Oct-Dec 19: “Harley Quinn” (concurrent with “Stargirl”)

This is slightly surprising considering the first trailer for “Harley Quinn” launched the other day, suggesting it was going to be coming along much sooner than the full one year away it currently is. Additionally, DC chief Geoff Johns has confirmed we’ll see Deathstroke on “Titans” and he’ll be a new take (so neither Joe Manganiello or Manu Bennett’s versions). We’ll also see his son Jericho.

Source: CBM