DC TV Photos Tease Joker, Bane, Batwoman

Dc Tv Photos Tease Joker Bane Batwoman

Several photos have popped up on social media from filming this week on the various shows based on DC Comics titles, including the fifth and final season of “Gotham” and the Arrow-verse crossover episodes for this year. The new shots offer better looks at the outfits of three of the key guest star characters (and one regular) in the new episodes.

From “Gotham” there’s a clear quality version of Shane West’s Bane in costume along with multiple new set photos up at the The Daily Mail, what appears to be Cameron Monaghan’s Jeremiah Valeska in his final full ‘The Joker’ form, and snaps of David Mazouz’s Bruce Wayne sporting the beginnings of his Batman costume. “Gotham” returns early in 2019.

From the Arrow-verse crossover comes a second photo of Ruby Rose in her Batwoman costume – this one an actual photo as opposed to a piece of Photoshop art that has been heavily tweaked. Rose’s character debuts in the three-episode run across “Arrow,” “The Flash” and “Supergirl” which will take place in December.