DC Superheroes Go PG-13

With the failure of “Punisher: War Zone” and the severe drop-off of “Watchmen” at the box-office, it comes as no surprise that Warner Brothers has essentially sworn off doing R-rated superhero and possibly tentpole films in general according to sources for IESB.Net.

The studio, which owns the rights to all DC properties, is developing film versions of Green Lantern, The Flash and (eventually) Wonder Woman alongside its Batman and Superman franchises. All of these logically will be made with a PG-13 rating in mind.

One note though is that this doesn’t mean R-rated comic book adaptations are off the table, “Jonah Hex” for example will likely still be rated R as it is not seen as a superhero or tentpole feature. This does mean however the pressure will increase on McG to deliver a PG-13 cut of “Terminator Salvation”.