DC Movies Are “Edgier” Than Marvel?

Comic fanboys seem to love getting into debates about DC versus Marvel properties, and Warner Bros. Pictures CEO Kevin Tsujihara fueled the fires this week during an address at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference.

Speaking about the distinction between the DC Comics tentpoles and Marvel’s film tentpoles, he says (via The Playlist:

“The worlds of DC are very different. They’re steeped in realism, and they’re a little bit edgier than Marvel’s movies. The key thing is that the movies and the television shows and the games, everything looks very different… you have to be able to take advantage of the diversity of these characters.”

Tsujihara was reportedly asked about how long before the ‘superhero bubble’ bursts and people turn away from comic adaptations, it doesn’t sound like he answered the question.

Meanwhile, Marvel has announced that on April 29th, select theaters in the AMC Theaters and Regal Entertainment chains will screen all 11 Marvel Studios movies back to back, staring with” Iron Man” and ending with “Avengers: Age of Ultron”. Tickets go on sale shortly. Also, Cineplex has released three new featurettes about the film which contains some good bits of new footage: