DC Films Changes “Batman” Producer Roles

Veteran producer Charles Roven, a man who has worked on every DC Comics film at Warner Bros. since “Batman Begins” just over a decade ago, will no longer produce certain DC films according to Heat Vision.

Talks are underway to have Roven, a producer on Zack Snyder’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” along with the upcoming “Suicide Squad” and “Wonder Woman,” to segue to a different role going forward. He’ll now be an executive producer not involved in day-to-day production, though could continue to be a regular producer on some of the movies he’s currently producing.

Which titles he’ll remain with is a list that reportedly keeps “evolving,” but his involvement in both “Flash” and “Aquaman” now seems to be in the new executive producer role. One reason potentially for the shift is that Warners wants to ramp up the number of DC productions, making it physically impossible for one man to handle various productions across countries all around the world.

The move comes as the studio continues to reassess its DC Films in the wake of Dawn of Justice’s underperformance at the box-office and chilly reception from audiences. Warners is taking steps to course-correct its approach as it develops its superhero slate and recently shuffled its executive ranks to have Jon Berg and Geoff Johns co-run the newly created DC Films banner.

Speaking of ‘Dawn,’ check out two bits of unused poster art created for the film below thanks to Heroic Hollywood: