Day One Cut Back To Mini-Series

EW reports that NBC’s high-concept sci-fi series “Day One” has cut its order of thirteen episodes and instead is being reformatted to air as a four-hour mini-series event sometime after the Winter Olympics in February.

The drama revolves around the aftermath of a global catastrophe and how the residents of one apartment building in Van Nuys band together to survive and figure out what happened.

Seen as a cost-cutting measure, should the miniseries rate well the network will proceed further with the series. The first two episodes have already been shot, thus the second two are currently being rewritten to wrap up some storylines but leave other threads hanging to develop should the series order go ahead.

The move comes days after ABC adopted a similar strategy with its upcoming reboot of “V”, launching it as a four-hour mini-series event in November. Unlike ‘One’ though it hasn’t cut its initial thirteen episode order, with the remaining nine episodes to air post-Olympics.