Day of the Tentacle Remaster Announced

First rumored via a leaked list from Sony back in February, Double Fine Productions has now announced the remaster of the classic 1990s Lucasarts adventure game “Day of the Tentacle”.

Tim Schafer and Dave Grossman, who created the original, are back to revive this classic with a playable version of the game to be available at the PlayStation booth during the now underway IndieCade weekend in Los Angeles.

Sporting an HD scrub of the graphics and audio, gamers will get a high-definition take on the classic point-and-click title which will also sport new commentary tracks talking about the design and development.

Double Fine, who previously worked on the celebrated remaster of “Grim Fandango,” will release the title on PlayStation Vita, PC, Mac and the PlayStation 4. No word on a specific release date as yet beyond an early 2016 bow.

Source: Double Fine