Dawn, Robocop Remakes Planned

John Milius’ 1984 actioneer “Red Dawn” and Paul Verhoeven’s classic 1987 sci-fi feature “Robocop” might be remade says The Hollywood Reporter.

At a press event in Cannes on Saturday, MGM toppers Harry Sloan and Mary Parent confirmed that both features are being looked at as serious candidates for remakes.

The original “Red Dawn” posited a slight different end to the Cold War with Russia and Cuba invading the US, and followed a group of guerilla resistance fighters (Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, Lea Thompson, Powers Boothe) in a small Colorado town. It was the first film released to be rated PG-13, and at one time held the record for being the most violent film ever made.

“Robocop” was set in a crime-ridden near-future Detroit where the police force has been privatized and a police officer, slain by a burtal gang leader, is resurrected in cyborg form to fight crime and corruption.

The pair also acknowledged the bad buzz surrounding “Valkyrie” but says that the final film “will speak for itself.”