Dawn of Justice Up For $140M Opening

Warners’ “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” finally popped up on the box-office tracking figures this morning, four weeks before its March 25th debut, and the first proper estimates as to its potential opening weekend haul have arrived.

The film is looking to debut to $120-140 million domestically across 4,000 screens and $300-340 million globally across 30,000 screens. To put that in comparison, that would be the fifth highest global opening for a superhero film behind the two “Avengers” films at $392 million, and the third films in the “Spider-Man” and “Iron Man” franchises.

According to one report, young females are the weakest of the four quadrants of people keen to see the film, but those figures are still quite good.

Tickets for the film went on sale Monday with first day sales said to eclipse that of “The Dark Knight Rises” – a film which went on to open to $161 million.

Source: Deadline