Dawn of Justice Needs To Make $800M?

The stakes are high for Warner Bros. Pictures with the release of Zack Snyder’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”. Spearheading a new cinematic universe based on DC Comics, an initiative that needs to work in the wake of a troubled 2015 at the box-office for the studio, the pressure is on for the film to deliver.

In a new piece in Variety, the amount it has to deliver has been quantified. The trade says the film’s cost come in at a $250 million production budget combined with a further $150 million for all the film’s marketing, advertising and promotions . This means the film would have to gross around $800 million worldwide to recoup its investment (studios get back around half the box-office take). It’s a quite doable number considering “Man of Steel” made around $660 million worldwide.

Of course that figure doesn’t take into account TV, merchandising and other forms of revenue, while studio insiders tell the trade that figure is inflated. Tracking remains very strong on the film which is heading toward a $350 million worldwide opening weekend. One week out and reviews are still yet to come, and probably won’t until right before release.

More promotional elements from the film have also gone up today including a new clip from the film and a new featurette which teases the film’s story. Also, over on Instagram, a video has been posted to star Henry Cavill’s social media account which shows that even decked out in a Superman costume next to a giant billboard of himself in Times Square, no-one seems to recognise him.