Dawn of Justice: Critics vs. Audiences

The $170 million domestic opening of Zack Snyder’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” is a record breaker, the biggest in Warner Brothers’ history and the sixth biggest of all time.

The film however has also scored a more dubious honor – bad reviews. Critics have not been kind to the film with ‘Dawn’ holding a 29% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 44/100 on Metacritic.

Speaking about the box-office results earlier this morning with Variety, Warners domestic distribution chief Jeff Goldstein spoke about how critical reaction didn’t impact the box-office:

“There is no question this is an extraordinary achievement. Clearly, audiences have embraced it and we are already seeing repeat business. It’s just fun. Often, there’s a disconnect between critics and audiences. It doesn’t take itself seriously. It’s just an enjoyable afternoon at the movies.”

So did the backlash against the critics fuel the box-office results? Or is it more a case of marketing hype and both heroes having such huge in-built audiences that it overcame any early negative reaction?

Critical reviews don’t have much impact on the opening weekend box-office of tentpoles any more, but good reviews do often correlate with a film generating strong repeat business. ‘Dawn’ is the only one of the top ten domestic debuts not to score a ‘Fresh’ rating.

Its ‘B’ CinemaScore, the third worst rating for a Batman or Superman film behind only “Batman and Robin” (C+) or “Superman IV” (C), seems to suggest audience reaction is actually not that different from the critics – indicating it will make a disproportionate amount of its money over its opening weekend.

Two people banging the “critics know nothing” drum are actors Jason Momoa and Ray Fisher who play Aquaman and Cyborg respectively in the film. The pair took to social media to have some fun at the expense of film critics this weekend, check out their memes below:

Fans>Critics #BORGLIFE #batmanvsuperman #DC

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Source: Henry Cavill News