David Yates & Tom Hardy Team For “Cicero”?

Now that “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” has finally hit, British filmmaker David Yates is looking towards his next directing projects and two exciting possibilities have raised their heads according Vulture.

Yates apparently has his choice of projects at Warners and is meeting with the studio shortly about potentially adapting Stephen King’s epic novel “The Stand” into a film trilogy. Yates will decide if he wants to do the film sometime in the next two weeks.

Complicating things is that Yates has already been developing another project at WB – the Al Capone origin story “Cicero” which was originally developed as a 70’s TV pilot by “The Wild Bunch” scribe Walon Green.

The script is now being re-adapted into a film and “Inception” star Tom Hardy has reportedly attached himself to the project. Not only that, there’s talk that the project could be turned into a franchise with the first film only chronicling the gangster’s rise to the top of the Chicago criminal food chain.

To do that however will depend upon Hardy’s commitments to “Mad Max: Fury Road” with talk that Hardy could shoot “Cicero” before shooting ‘Max’ when it commences production next year.

The studio is also considering him for the film adaptations of Vertigo Comics graphic novel “Fables” and Jonathan Tropper’s family-funeral farce “This Is Where I Leave You”.