David Yates Hears A “Voice In My Head”

He’s been linked to “Cicero,” “Fables”, “Maleficient”, “The Stand” and most recently a possible “Doctor Who” movie. Now it seems David Yates, the director behind the last four “Harry Potter” films, has finally decided on his next project says The Press Association.

Yates is set to helm an adaptation of Emma Forrest’s memoir “Your Voice In My Head” which explores the personal crisis she faced when a romance fell apart and her psychiatrist died. The story is set in New York, London and Istanbul and Forrest has adapted the screenplay herself.

“It’s a small film, hard-hitting and with elements of magic realism. Compared to Potter it would cost tuppence ha’penny, and for that reason it would be incredibly liberating to make” he tells Variety.

Before taking on the Potter films Yates carved out a name for himself with award-winning British television movies like “The Girl in the Cafe” and “Sex Traffic” along with the highly acclaimed original “State of Play” mini-series back in 2003.