David O. Russell’s “Nailed” To Finally Finish?

One of the most troubled film productions of the past decade, David O. Russell’s “Nailed”, may soon be completed two years after it limped across the finish line.

The $26 million indie follows a socially awkward small-town receptionist (Jessica Biel) who has a nail accidentally shot into her head by a clumsy workman, eliciting wild sexual urges. Going on a crusade to Washington to fight for the rights of the bizarrely injured, she meets an immoral congressman (Jake Gyllenhaal) who takes advantage of her sex drive and her career plans.

The film suffered many problems, mostly financing issues which lead to numerous production shutdowns. At the time it finished, a few crucial scenes were yet to be filmed including the absolutely necessary one involving Biel’s character getting the nail in her head. As a result it has essentially sat on a shelf since late 2008.

Now The Daily Beast reports that a new silent partner has emerged and met with O. Russell about potentially completing the film somehow. Whether the cast and crew will want to return for the two days of shooting that are apparently required is another story.