David O. Russell Pens An Eli Roth Film?

While he’s best known for his directorial efforts like “The Fighter” and “Silver Linings Playbook”, filmmaker David O. Russell is also a fairly prolific writer who has penned numerous screenplays over the past decade or so that haven’t yet been turned into films.

One of them is a horror tale and during a recent THR Roundtable, he revealed that one other filmmaker has expressed interest in doing it – “Hostel” director Eli Roth:

“I wrote a couple of things that someone might make, Eli Roth may actually do one, I wrote a horror a few years ago… I had to write to support myself. So I wrote a horror for producer Colleen Camp a horror film that I thought was interesting.

And Eli thinks its interesting, I think he’s going to make it more interesting. It’s emotional, it’s also… we’ll see. It’s also…I don’t wanna say anything more, I’ll let Eli talk about it.”

Russell also says he wrote a supernatural project, a “sort of a time thing” that he admits is “out of my genre”.

Source: The Playlist