David Lynch Teases “Twin Peaks” At TCA

David Lynch made a surprise appearance at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour earlier this week to talk up Showtime’s revival of “Twin Peaks”.

Lynch has helmed all eighteen episodes of the new series and, in a short fifteen minute Q&A, offered some brief hints as to what to expect. First up, he was asked what viewers might expect from the new run:

“I see it as a film, and a film in parts is what people will experience. It was a joyful experience. This word ‘expect’ is a magical word. People expect things, and their expectations are hopefully met when they see the thing.

I love this world of Twin Peaks. I often thought about what might be happening. It was Mark [Frost, co-creator] who contacted me, many years ago now, and asked if I wanted to go back into that world. We met at [Hollywood bar and grill] Musso & Frank and talked. And that’s what got us going again for this one.”

Lynch went on to say that he and Frost wrote the project together on Skype – Lynch from his Hollywood home and Frost in Ojai in California. Lynch recalled the original two-season run on ABC in 1990-91 and discussed why creative interference from the network ultimately saw the show come to a premature end after thirty episodes:

“What killed Twin Peaks originally … “Who killed Laura Palmer?” was a question that we never really wanted to answer. That was the goose that laid these golden eggs. And at a certain point, we were told to wrap that up, and it never really got back going after that.”

Finally, he was asked about any further episodes in the future, something Showtime has said won’t happen. Lynch is a bit more open to the idea but for now has no plans beyond the new batch of eighteen episodes:

“Before I said I wasn’t going to revisit it, and I did. You never say no. But right now there’s no plan for anything more.”

“Twin Peaks” is slated to return on Showtime from May 21st.

Source: The Live Feed