David Lynch Talks Social Media Reviewing

Making an appearance at the Festival of Disruption in New York the other week, filmmaker David Lynch brought up the topic of social media and its impact on the film industry – namely how it can have an immediate impact on the word of mouth of a film.

Those familiar with Lynch are quite aware he’s not the biggest fan of the platform, and he seems not particularly interested in other’s reviews of his work – no matter what the outlet. His recent “Twin Peaks: The Return” was the pinnacle of a type of television that could NOT be easily digested or picked apart – especially in limited word form.

Indiewire reports that Lynch’s answer to a question took to criticism of those posting immediate reactions to a film: “You finish a film these days and right away you have this pressure to write about it in words. Unless you’re a poet, words will fail you.”

He then reportedly: “advocated for the need to sit with one’s thoughts and explore the abstractions of any given film without feeling pressured to instantaneously comment on it. In some cases, Lynch said it’s better not to comment at all but live in your emotional response to a film.”

Talking about his current interests, he says: “I’m interested in painting right now. I watch some crime shows and I watch Velocity channel. I love to watch people build and customize cars.”

Lynch has yet to set any post-“Twin Peaks” projects.