David Lynch On The Death Of Arthouse Films

Despite making films and TV series that are not just hard to categorise but almost impossible to properly interpret, filmmaker David Lynch is someone who also has firm views when it comes to art.

The celebrated auteur is currently enjoying the success of the launch of the “Twin Peaks” revival, his first directing effort in a decade and one where he had full autonomy to do pretty much whatever he wanted. The result has been lauded all over and seen far more than his last film “Inland Empire”.

Speaking with Arab News (via The Playlist recently, he has been talking up the joys of working on cable TV and has espoused an increasingly common viewpoint – that the freedom of TV is where challenging and rich narratives are at these days:

“I think feature films are in trouble and the arthouses are dead. So, cable television being the place for continuing story told with freedom is a beautiful thing.”

The reporter asked why he thinks arthouses are dying to which Lynch says: “Not dying. Dead” and he later admits he doesn’t see anything at the cinema these days.

It’s certainly true that the kind of filmmaking Lynch is renowned for is rarely seen outside of film festivals anymore and is often tucked away deep into the catalogue on a streaming service.

New Lynch will still be available for some time yet as fourteen more episodes of the new season of “Twin Peaks” will be airing over the next three months on Showtime.