David Lynch Isn’t A Fan Of Movie Trailers

Thanks to Youtube and social media, film trailers are everywhere these days – making it near impossible to avoid seeing one for a film before it hits a cinema. Certainly, between multiple trailers and TV spots, it’s hard not to have plenty of story points and major footage from the productions spoiled for you ahead of time.

One person who is certainly not a fan of them is filmmaker David Lynch. Currently receiving plaudits for his new season of “Twin Peaks,” which kept itself under heavy wraps right up until release, Lynch explains his dislike of promos to Rolling Stone:

“These days, movie trailers practically tell the whole story. I think it’s really harmful. For me, personally, I don’t want to know anything when I go into a theater. I like to discover it, get into that world, try to get as good of picture and sound as possible, no interruptions – so you can have an experience. And anything that putrefies that is not good.”

Trailers are tricky – studios need to promote their films and get audiences to see their films, and they can’t do so without trailers which can often end up being works of art in themselves (and sometimes better than the film they’re promoting). Some filmmakers carefully craft their previews so as not to give away too much, even so – being truly surprised by a film anymore is exceedingly difficult.