David Koepp Re-Writing Jack Ryan Reboot

Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions have hired David Koepp to redraft Adam Cozad’s script for their planned reboot of the Jack Ryan franchise reports Deadline.

The project, which would mark the fifth film featuring author Tom Clancy’s most notable character, was put on hold earlier this year due to script issues.

Hossein Amini penned the original draft entitled “Moscow”. Then Adam Cozad came onboard last year to incorporate many elements from his 2007 script “Dubai” into the script. Anthony Peckham also had a pass.

Earlier this year Steve Zaillian, who previously adapted the third film in the franchise “Clear and Present Danger”, was attached to re-write Cozad’s work. A few weeks later he withdrew from the job.

The hiring of Hollywood’s most famous go-to rewriter Koepp (“Mission: Impossible,” “Spider-Man,” “Jurassic Park”) does not come cheap, but it signals the studio is determined to persevere with the project.

Frequent “Lost” episode helmet Jack Bender remains aboard to direct, while Chris Pine is still attached to play Ryan.

The first of the films not to be based on a specific book by Tom Clancy, the story will use elements from the series. In this case the action picks up with Ryan in his pre-CIA days with the launching point of the film being a helicopter crash that nearly killed him when he was a marine – an incident mentioned in the first film adaptation “The Hunt for Red October” in 1991.

Koepp will get to work on the script once he finishes his directorial commitments to the Joseph Gordon-Levitt-led thriller “Premium Rush” which is currently in post-production. The hope is to get into filming on this early next year with Pine to segue to this right after he shoots the “Star Trek” sequel later this year.