David Koepp Performs MIB3 Re-Writes

David Koepp (“Spider-Man,” “Angels and Demons”) has been brought in for several weeks of script doctoring on “Men in Black III”. The production is currently on hiatus before it’s scheduled to kick off again March 28th reports Deadline.

As previously reported, this chapter involves time travel with much of the action taking place in 1969 where Josh Brolin plays the younger version of Tommy Lee Jones’ Agent Kay. Present day-set scenes were shot late last year in New York City.

“Tropic Thunder” writer Etan Cohen penned the first draft of the script while scribe Jeff Nathanson (“Catch Me If You Can,” “Rush Hour 2”) was hired very late last year to perform rewrites.

Koepp’s work will tweak the various past-set scenes which the studio has been having some major difficulties with. This week Brolin indicated something was happening with the script that had gotten director Barry Sonnenfeld excited, it was probably related to this.