David Goyer Offers “Sandman” Film Update

At last report, the film adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s famed comic series “Sandman” had picked up its belongings and jumped ship from Warner Bros. Pictures to its sibling studio New Line Cinema.

The transition did not impact those attached to the project, be it actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt who is still set to direct, nor David Goyer who remains onboard as producer. With Goyer’s “Da Vinci’s Demons” set to launch its third and final season on Starz on Saturday, he’s been out doing press and revealed to Collider that a new writer has jumped onboard the project:

“We’re just about to do a new draft. All of the Vertigo properties ported over to New Line a few months ago. There was a decision from the higher-ups that New Line would focus on the Vertigo properties and Warner Bros would focus on the DC properties.

So we’re just starting a re-write with a really fantastic writer that fans of your site will enjoy that’s coming aboard, but I can’t quite announce it yet. I think that the Vertigo properties are a bit more quirky and off-center than kind of the mainstream superhero stuff at Warners.

But I understand the decision because we’re not having to fight for release dates with the Vertigo stuff like we would have been having to do over at Warner Bros. But I feel confident that film will go into production hopefully next year.”

The ambitious project, which will somehow turn the 75-issue series into a feature, still doesn’t have a release date in mind.