David Fincher’s HBO Shows Both In Jeopardy

More information about HBO’s plans continue to come out of the Television Critics Association press tour with the biggest news being that both of David Fincher’s two TV series in development at the premium cabler are in jeopardy.

The “House of Cards” creator is reportedly said to be “struggling” to figure out how to move forward with his and “Gone Girl” author Gillian Flynn’s U.S. adaptation of the U.K. cult TV series “Utopia”. At the same time, he’s trying to salvage the 1980s-set music video industry comedy “Video Synchronicity”.

HBO programming president Michael Lombardo says that there have been troubles with both projects, but neither is dead despite ‘Synchronicity’ halting production two months ago after producing four episodes. He tells THR:

“When we both saw the third and fourth [episodes], we realized we needed to go back and do some work on the scripts. David’s attention at that point – he is someone who likes to be hands on, on everything – got diverted by another project [HBO’s Utopia].

[He’s] not good at letting us go ahead and do what we needed to do on Video Synchronicity while he was working on Utopia. I texted with him today, we’re going to turn our attention soon back to Video Synchronicity and figure out the path forward. But I fully expect we’re going to be able to finish that up. There’s too much good stuff for us not to figure it out. We’re going to figure it out.”

He’s less certain about “Utopia” though saying: “We’re at that moment, trying to figure out if there is a path forward or not for Utopia.”