David Fincher Talks “Leagues,” “Game” & More

Continuing his “Gone Girl” promotional rounds, filmmaker David Fincher has given a lengthy and refreshingly honest interview with Playboy about his previous works, upcoming films and abandoned projects.

Amongst the surprising revelations? He regrets doing 1997’s “The Game” and says his producer wife advised him strongly not to do it:

“In hindsight, my wife was right. We didn’t figure out the third act, and it was my fault, because I thought if you could just keep your foot on the throttle it would be liberating and funny. I know what I like, and one thing I definitely like is not knowing where a movie is going. These days, though, it’s hard to get audiences to give themselves over. They want to see the whole movie in a 90-second trailer.”

He also spoke at length about his now axed film adaptation of Disney’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”. Rather than focusing on how it failed, he talks about what he intended to do with the movie:

“It was smart and crazy entertaining, with the Nautilus crew fighting every kind of gigantic Ray Harryhausen thing. But it also had this riptide to it. We were doing Osama bin Nemo, a Middle Eastern prince from a wealthy family who has decided that white imperialism is evil and should be resisted.

The notion was to put kids in a place where they’d say, ‘I agree with everything he espouses. I take issue with his means – or his ends.’ I really wanted to do it, but in the end I didn’t have the stomach lining for it. A lot of people flourish at Hollywood studios because they’re fear-based. I have a hard time relating to that, because I feel our biggest responsibility is to give the audience something they haven’t seen.

For the full interview, which includes why he finds superhero films “dull,” click here.