David Fincher Might Remake “Utopia”?

Having adapted the British mini-series “House Of Cards” for the American market, filmmaker David Fincher is reportedly considering doing a similar treatment for another Brit show.

In this case, Fincher is reportedly interested in producing a remake of the recent UK Channel 4 series “Utopia” which had its first season earlier this year. HBO scored the American broadcast rights to the UK series last week.

The story follows a group of people who have their hands on a cult graphic novel called “The Utopia Experiments” which seems to have predicted various disasters.

A group known as The Network tries to hunt them down as the group tries to prevent the next predicted disaster from taking place.

The show’s original creators are also reportedly hoping to get “Brick” and “Looper” scribe Rian Johnson to pen the script.

Source: Daily Mars & The Playlist