Darren Aronofsky On Upcoming Films

Doing a Q&A with Moviehole in regards to his new romance/fantasy feature “The Fountain”, director Darren Aronofsky spoke out about some other projects he’s been attached to.

First off he confirmed that both “Lone Wolf and Cub” and “Black Flies” are still in the writing stages and so won’t be ready for a while yet.

‘Lone Wolf’ is based on the 1970’s manga comic about a former Shogun executioner turned assassin who, along with his three year old son, take revenge on those who outcast him.

‘Flies’ is based on Shannon Burke’s coming of age book about a young man who becomes an emergency medical technician in Harlem.

Aronofsky has also been linked to an unknown project called “The Hunt” but nothing else is known about it. He added: “The Hunt is a great action film in the spirit of Predator. It is being scripted by Lucas Sussman a college roommate of mine and the project is at Universal”.

Finally he confirmed that The Fountain’s theatrical cut “is MY final cut. You are seeing the finished film on the screen and it will be the same on the dvd. There will not be a commentary.”

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