Darkseid, Green Lantern In “Justice League”?

Are two of the more cosmic elements of the DC Universe coming to Zack Snyder’s already completed “Justice League” film?

The Wrap reports that the DC Universe supervillain Darkseid will reportedly appear in the prologue of the movie:

“Darkseid’s presence will loom large in Justice League as the film’s prologue introduces the New God while ancient Amazonians, Atlanteans, and pre-historic humans fight him off Earth.”

The brutal alien ruler who seeks the anti-life equation was teased during Batman’s dream sequence in “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” so his appearance was inevitable at some point.

The site also claims that a member of the Green Lantern Corps. will be seen in the film in a key sequence. It’s not clear if it’s the same one or which GL it is be it one of the comic heroes like Hal Jordan or John Stewart to one of the more alien Lanterns who often serve as supporting characters.