“Dark Tower” TV Series To Tackle “Wizard and Glass”

There has been plenty of talk about Nikolaj Arcel’s upcoming film adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” fantasy novel saga, with much of it about how the film is effectively a sequel to the whole novel saga as opposed to a direct adaptation of one of the works.

At one time though the project was going to be a trilogy of films with two limited TV series airing in between. When those plans were scrapped, it was indicated the filmmakers were presently only focusing on the new film and a potential cable/streaming TV series with the latter more nebulous and uncertain.

Today, in a new feature article on EW, a bunch of new details about the TV series has been revealed with the fourth novel in the series, “Wizard and Glass,” set to serve as the basis for the show. Though fourth in the series, the novel is effectively a prequel story with the framing device of it being a story told by Roland Deschain (Idris Elba) to the young Jake (Tom Taylor) and the other members of his ka-tet.

The actors from the film are expected to reprise their roles as part of the series’ framing story. The prequel story will explain why Roland and his friends have been sent to this distant land and will show not only Roland’s proving ceremony but also put the focus on his interactions with the people of the Town of Hambry and its outlying areas.

Production company MRC (“House of Cards”) doesn’t have a distributor, but they have committed to making a run of 10-13 episodes depending on how scripts turn out. Production will kick off next year for an airdate in 2018 – probably timed to the cable/streaming release of “The Dark Tower” film. A younger version of Elba has yet to be cast but he, The Man in Black’s shapeshifting character and Susan Delgado (Alex McGregor) are said to be the only characters from the film that have key roles in the prequel story.

Arcel and feature film co-writer Anders Thomas Jensen are scripting the show, but another showrunner will be hired for the day-to-day job of getting it made. This will also be a limited one-time series that will fully adapt the book’s story which means a second season is unlikely.