Dark Tower Set Photo Drops Major Spoiler

More set photos from filming on the streets of New York City for the Nikolaj Arcel-directed adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” have gone online, and in the process appear to have revealed a major spoiler.


On the surface the set pics look like many others we’ve seen this week, showcasing the gunslinger Roland (Idris Elba) and his young sidekick Jake (). However one shot, which can be seen here, shows Roland carrying the Horn of Eld in his gunna bag.

The final volume of the book series revealed that Roland has reached the Tower countless times, but must keep reliving that journey until he gets it right. On the last loop, his love redeemed him and he was rewarded with the Horn of Eld which it’s thought will allow him to finally end his quest.

This means that the film isn’t an adaptation, rather a sequel – we’ll see Roland’s final loop as he travels to the Tower. King himself hinted at such a possibility in a tweet a few month back, this is further evidence to that. It also explains the differences from the timeline such the lack of Eddie or Susannah, and that Roland, Jake, and The Man in Black are in present day New York.

“The Dark Tower” film is currently slated for release February 17th 2017.