Dark Tower Producer Blasts Idris Elba Haters

The film trilogy and TV series adaptation of Stephen King’s multi-novel fantasy epic “The Dark Tower” seems to be finally moving forward after various stops and starts over the years. At last report, Idris Elba was seen as the frontrunner to play the lead role of the gunslinger Roland – an interesting choice as the character is a caucasian in the book.

For those concerned with the change of race, the film’s writer and producer Akiva Goldsman has the most appropriate response imaginable – he doesn’t care. Talking about the potential choice of Elba with IGN, Goldsman could not contain his enthusiasm:

“I’m unbelievably proud of it as a collaborator on this enterprise and because I think that he’s a great actor and I couldn’t be more thrilled that he is likely to play a part… I understand that people who are thoughtful about the storytelling and the racial politics of the storytelling might want to understand how that informs that storytelling, and I respect that and I hear that, and those things are not things we didn’t think about or don’t think about. The racist a–holes should go f–k themselves.”

Goldsman says the only consideration in casting was “who do we think the best guy for the job is and can we get him.” King himself has previously indicated no problem with Elba’s casting, his only concern being how fast the actor could draw a weapon.

The film is currently targeting a January 2017 release but likely won’t meet that date.