“Dark Phoenix” To Be A Much Darker “X-Men”

Seemingly titled just “Dark Phoenix” (though sporting the X-Men symbol in the ‘x’), the upcoming new “X-Men” film saw a recent delay by three months with plans now to open February next year.

So far there’s been no footage screened for the Simon Kinberg-directed film, and recently threads popped up on reddit claiming to offer a report from a test screening, however the validity of those haven’t been established.

Speaking with Collider, the film’s co-star and Quicksilver himself Evan Peters has spoken about the film and discussed what the fans can expect – saying it’s the darkest entry of the series to date and mostly in line with the tone of “X-Men: First Class” in that it’s very serious with the odd moment of humor:

“I think it’s the classic ‘X-Men: First Class’ tone, where there’s a bit of humor thrown in there, but it’s much darker than the previous one ‘Apocalypse’. ‘Apocalypse’ was the 1980s, so there was a lot of room for goofy stuff in there. This one is a much more serious film about the internal struggle of Phoenix and Jean, so it’s a dramatic film. There’s nothing very comedic about it, other than the few moments that are in there. I think it’s gonna be a powerful one. It’s ‘Dark Phoenix.’ I think it’s gonna be darker than we’re used to. It’s gonna be a change, but it’s gonna be fun for everybody.”

The film aims to do justice to what’s considered the best storyline of the “X-Men” comics, improving upon “X-Men: The Last Stand” which opened to dismal reviews. “Dark Phoenix” opens in cinemas on February 14th 2019.