“Dark Phoenix” Stakes & “Gambit” Shoot Dates

With the cast contracts up, it looked like the “X-Men” franchise was going to close out with a bit of a whimper with the underwhelming “X-Men: Apocalypse”. Then things changed with many signing back onboard for Simon Kinberg’s “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” which has since been revealed to be potentially the first of a two-parter.

This new adaptation of the famed ‘Dark Phoenix’ saga from the comics, one of the most iconic Marvel Comics stories ever, hopes to correct the poor job of it that was done with 2006’s “X-Men: The Last Stand”. Now, a new report at That Hashtag Show says that the film has no plans to hold back and the film will show the full range of Jean Grey’s Phoenix powers.


Unfortunately this includes having to kill off one of the four main character’s of the franchise that has been in the film for many years:

“Our source told us that Kinberg is going to show us exactly how powerful Jean is and is willing to do it at the expense of one of the actors who has been with the franchise since the beginning.

Currently, that’s the younger versions of Magneto, Professor X, Mystique and Beast from the X-Men: First Class reboot. We are told that Kinberg is holding nothing back in that, in the moment when Jean’s powers are on full display, they will become too much for her to handle. At that point, with her powers out of control, Jean will impale one of the returning mutants, leaving them dead. At least for now.”

As all the actors aren’t contracted for further films, any one of then could meet their demise. “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” is set for release on November 11th next year.


The rumor comes as Omega Underground has posted a report saying that the “X-Men” spin-off “Gambit” is targeting a February – July 2018 film shoot which would keep the film on track for a Valentine’s Day 2019 release.