“Dark Phoenix” Breaks Unfortunate Record

Dark Phoenix Third Act Got Retooled

We know the recent “Dark Phoenix” has been plagued by problems throughout production, and its release wasn’t great either.

The film not only had easily the worst opening of any movie in the X-Men franchise, main or spin-off, but also was rejected both critically and by audiences and stands to lose around $100 million for the studio. The other day director Simon Kinberg took responsibility for the flop, and now another bit of painful news has arrived.

Forbes reports that the film had the biggest second week drop of any superhero movie – ever. ‘Phoenix’ earned $14 million on its opening day last Friday, and $2.348 million on its second Friday – a fall of 83.2% which is worse than the previous record holder – the steep 81% Friday-to-Friday drop of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”.

As of Sunday, “Dark Phoenix” fell 72.6% over the whole weekend, taking in $9 million this weekend as compared to $33 million last week. The film has earned $204 million worldwide so far, three-quarters of which comes from overseas.