“Dark Phoenix” A Bigger Bomb Than “Fantastic 4”?

Dark Phoenix A Bigger Bomb Than Fantastic 4

We know Fox and Marvel’s “Dark Phoenix” was a bomb for the studio, but with the film now closing up its theatrical run around the world – we have an idea of just how much it fizzled.

“Dark Phoenix” played in 426 domestic cinemas this weekend, and its overseas release is also winding down with its total box-office likely to end up around $250 million worldwide.

With a reported budget of $200 million, the film looks like it’ll close out under 1.39 times its budget – that’s a worse ratio than the 2015 “Fantastic Four” reboot which made $167.9 million global haul off a reported $120 million budget (1.4 times its budget).

“Dark Phoenix” did fare better with audiences responses though – a 23% RT rating from critics and a 64% audience score, along with a B- CinemaScore. In comparison, “Fantastic Four” had a 9% RT rating from critics, an 18% audience score, and a C- CinemaScore.

Both films suffered from major behind-the-scenes drama.

Source: Movieweb