“Dark Matter” Was To Crossover With “Stargate”

Syfy’s sudden cancellation of “Dark Matter” after three seasons came as a bit of a surprise, especially as the show ended on a big cliffhanger.

At the time of its axing, creator and executive producer Joseph Mallozzi began working on a way to somehow give fans closure before contract options on the cast and crew were up. That included trying to get a mini-series made that would allow him and his creative team to wrap up the storyline.

It has now been revealed by Mallozzi in an interview with The Verge that MGM came to him with the possibility of picking up another season of the series for its new streaming service, “Stargate Command,” and at some point have the show cross over with that service’s first original series – the prequel drama “Stargate: Origins”.

It’s hardly an unprecedented move as Mallozzi has been involved with the “Stargate” franchise on TV since its inception, and served as executive producer on all three shows (SG-1, Atlantis, Universe). He knows the lore, and both shows have incorporated elements of time travel and dimension jumping so it’s not creatively out of place.

Mallozzi reportedly already had an idea on how to combine the two shows and had it gone ahead it would’ve led to either a full continuation of “Dark Matter,” or short episodes that would have wrapped up the show. Sadly though, the site reports that time to work out a deal ran out before everyone’s contract with the show expired.

As a result, “Dark Matter” is now officially over and won’t be coming back with the most likely scenario for closure being a graphic novel sometime in the near future. “Stargate: Origins” will be coming to Stargate Command in the near future.