Dark Knight Rises To Shoot In India

Shooting on “The Dark Knight Rises” is set to take place in Jodhpur, India reports Daily Bhaskar.

The Information and Broadcasting Ministry has reportedly given the go-ahead to US-based Cape Road Productions to lens part of the next Batman flick in the Blue City.

A unique locale, Jodhpur is dominated by two geographical features – the imposing hilltop Mehrangarh Fort and the blue-painted houses that surround it. The fort itself has been used on film before, most recently in Tarsem’s acclaimed “The Fall”.

The news comes as photos popped up online this week of actors Tom Hardy and Christian Bale. The former has obviously been working out and shows off a beefier frame in photos here and here, though there’s no sign of a costume.

The photo of Bale, which looks like he’s been on the receiving end of a major punch-up, is more contentious as some have suggested it’s a make-up test shot from the film while others think it’s the same but from an earlier movie or his most recent project “13 Flowers of Nanjing”. (Update: Thanks to our savvy readers, the much debated about Bale photo has been debunked. It’s a make-up test shot from “Rescue Dawn” and can be seen here)

The film’s six-month shoot is set to kick off next month.