Dark Knight Rises Spoiler Stunt Casting?

Arnie or Mr. Freeze ain’t appearing, but if I had included the image that applies, it’d make this MAJOR SPOILER WARNING useless. Stop reading NOW if you don’t want to know about a POSSIBLE TWIST and CASTING SPOILER.

You stopped?

Right, HitFix today reported that a familiar face showed up on the set of “The Dark Knight Rises” on Monday – Liam Neeson. Neeson had apparently been spotted shooting scenes in London in his Ra’s Al Ghul guise, and had returned to New York by Tuesday night.

It has been reported for some time now that young actor Josh Pence had been cast as a young Ra’s al Ghul in what was believed to be a flashback. Photos indicated Pence himself was on hand in India for a brief shoot of a scene involving a possible Lazarus Pit – the chemical bath that grants Ra’s Al Ghul immortality in the comics.

It’s unsure if Neeson’s appearance is a cameo or a more significant role which will require additional shooting. The character seemingly died at the end of “Batman Begins” so it’s also unsure if this is a flashback, a hallucination or a resurrected Ra’s, though if it he did shoot his role in just one day then one of the first two options seems far more likely.

If it’s the third then that introduces a supernatural element to Nolan’s films, something unexpected but not unprecedented – Nolan’s “The Prestige” is essentially period authentic until Tesla’s device switches on.