Dark Knight Rises Prologue Tweaked?

UPDATE: Collider have updated their story with quotes from both Warners and IMAX reps who’ve denied any such tweaked soundtrack has been sent out – the story is bunkum.

ORIGINAL: With the most common complaint about “The Dark Knight Rises” IMAX prologue being an inability to understand Bane, word came three weeks back that Warners was looking into tweaking the masked villain’s voice to make it less muffled and clearer but filmmaker Chris Nolan had no plans to rework the voice beyond a minimal adjustment.

Now Collider has a report from a source who claims to be an IMAX projectionist who has reportedly received a new soundtrack to go with the prologue – one which is said to lower the background noise (specifically the plane engine noise) so that Bane’s voice stands out better.

Said source claims the voice is now “40-50% [clearer], because he’s no longer being overpowered by the background noise that drowned him out before.” People were asked after the screening if they could understand him and all apparently said they had no issues.

Warners has made no confirmation or issued any statement as yet in regards to such a change.