Dark Knight Rises India Shoot First Photo?

Filming has commenced on “The Dark Knight Rises” with a two-day shoot on location in Jodhpur, India now underway.

Gautam Valluri, a self-described “filmmaker, writer, designer, two-bit musician, half-decent chess player, and train traveler” from New Delhi, had been posting a couple of photos on his Twitter account (via CBM) of some leftover equipment used for filming around the Mehrangarh Fort. So far, so nothing special.

Then an hour ago something unexpected popped up – a photo which showed crew working next to a quite large rock pit with a green screen base.

With the rumoured re-appearance of the League of Shadows, flashbacks of a young Ra’s Al-Ghul and talk of Talia being in it (Marion Cotillard has reportedly admitted that there’s more to her role than the official brief lets on), there’s already speculation that this could be Nolan’s version of The Lazarus Pit – the chemical bath that made Al-Ghul a centuries old immortal.

If it is the case, one doubts it’ll have the near magical restorative abilities of the comic version, but it could be symbolically something important to at least one of the characters. Right now though this is all speculative so we’ll have to wait and see.